Champollion at the Hôtel Louvre-Lens

From 28th September to 16th January 2023, stays at the hotel will be bathed in the exhibition’s theme: Champollion - On the trails of hieroglyphics at the Musée du Louvre-Lens.

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Champollion at Louvre-Lens

From 28th September to 16th January 2023, the museum opposite the hotel is paying tribute to Jean-François Champollion. A major exhibition revealing how mankind pierced the secret to understanding the enigmatic hieroglyphs. As Art and Culture are the founding pillars of all Esprit de France hotels and residences, stays at the hotel will be bathed in ancient Egypt during the exceptional event!



At the Hôtel Louvre-Lens

Stays will be intertwined with ancient Egypt during the event. Children, for example, can learn about the famous Rosetta Stone via a special treasure hunt ……. it has disappeared and they are needed to find it! In the hotel lounge, theme board games are available, as well as books to devour tucked up by the fire. A documentary film will be available from 7th October about how the ancient Egyptian mysteries were discovered. Not forgetting a surprise reminder of Cleopatra in your room!



On the menu at Le Galibot

A unique dessert - Flavours of the Nile - has been added to Le Galibot’s menu. It is an imitation of the ancient cone-shaped gateau found on the frescos of Vizier Rekhmire’s tomb, which caught Jean-François Champollion’s eye. The Chef has been sprinkling hints of ancient Egypt everywhere and Le Champollion, a hibiscus-based signature cocktail, has also been specially designed for the occasion and is available at the bar.

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